RI Hockey Legacy

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1902-03 was the first year for Ice Hockey in the Interscholastic League.  The league formed four years earlier (spring 1899) with Ice Polo being played prior to Ice Hockey.   The Interscholastic League originally voted and awarded the State Champion or had playoffs if teams were tied in the standings.  Teams were comprised of 7 players (Left Wing, Center, Rover, Right Wing, Cover Point, Point and Goal) until the 1925-26 season.  Schools played outdoors (including Blackstone Pond, East Side Skating Rink, Mashapaug Pond, No Bottom Pond, Roger Williams Park, Scott's Pond, Slater Park, Hammond Pond, Railroad Pond, Washee Pond and York Pond).   They started playing games at the the RI Auditorium in March 1926 after it opened.  

1898-99 to 1908-09

1909-10 to 1918-19

1898-99 Hope (Ice Polo)

1899-00 Hope (Ice Polo)

1900-01 Hope & East Providence (Ice Polo)

1901-02 Hope & East Providence (Ice Polo)

1902-03 Hope

1903-04 Manual Training 
1904-05 Technical
*1905-06 None
1906-07 Hope
1907-08 Technical
*1908-09 None

*The Interscholastic League did not award a pennant due to the lack of games (warm weather).

1900's Gallery
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1909-10 Technical 

1911-11 Hope 
1911-12 Hope 
1912-13 Hope 
1913-14 Hope 
*1914-15 None
1915-16 Technical
1916-17 Cranston
1917-18 Hope 
1918-19 Hope 

*The Interscholastic League did not award a pennant due to the lack of games (warm weather) and the closing of York Pond by the Park Commissioner.

1910's Gallery