The Interscholastic League originally voted and awarded the State Champion or had playoffs if teams were tied in the standings.  Teams were comprised of 7 players (Left Wing, Center, Rover, Right Wing, Cover Point, Point and Goal) until the 1925-26 season.  Schools played outdoors (including Blackstone Pond, East Side Skating Rink, Mashapaug Pond, No Bottom Pond, Roger Williams Park, Scott's Pond, Slater Park, Hammond Pond, Railroad Pond and York Pond).

1909-10 to 1918-19

1909-10 Technical 

1911-11 Hope 
1911-12 Hope 
1912-13 Hope 
1913-14 Hope 
*1914-15 None
1915-16 Technical
1916-17 Cranston
1917-18 Hope 
1918-19 Hope 

*The Interscholastic League did not award a pennant due to the lack of games (warm weather) and the closing of York Pond by the Park Commissioner.