RI Hockey Legacy

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The Interscholastic League voted and awarded the State Champion or had playoffs if teams were tied in the standings in the early years.   In 1922 the league formally adopted overtime periods and playoffs if teams were tied for the championship.  Prior to the 1932-33 formation of the current RIIL schools played in (2) divisions (Interscholastic League and Interscholastic Conference) with both champions meeting for schoolboy honors (1927-28 to 1931-32).  Teams were comprised of 7 players (Left Wing, Center, Rover, Right Wing, Cover Point, Point and Goal) until the 1925-26 season.  Schools played outdoors (including Blackstone Pond, East Side Skating Rink, Mashapaug Pond, No Bottom Pond, Roger Williams Park, Scott's Pond, Slater Park, Hammond Pond, Railroad Pond, Washee Pond and York Pond) until March 1926 when the RI Auditorium opened. 

1919-20 to 1928-29 State Champions

1919-20 English 

1920-21 Cranston 

1921-22 Cranston 

1922-23 Cranston 

1923-24 East Providence 

*1924-25 Classical & Hope

1925-26 East Providence 

1926-27 Cranston 

1927-28 Cranston (Interscholastic League) beat Warwick (Interscholastic Conference)

1928-29 East Providence (Interscholastic League) beat Technical (Interscholastic Conference)

*1924-25 Classical and Hope were tied for the championship.  A playoff game was played outdoors during a cold spell in March.  However after 10 minutes of play the ice broke through.  Efforts in procuring the Boston Arena were made but Classical would not go to Boston to play the game off.  The Interscholastic League decided to award (2) pennants to both teams.  In 1927-28 Cranston beat Hope 2-0 in a replayed game that ended in a tie earlier in the season to break even with Classical for the division.  Cranston beat Classical in a playoff game 1-0 for the Interscholastic League championship.  In 1928-29 East Providence and Classical were tied for the division with East Providence winning a 3-0 playoff game to win the Interscholastic League Championship.

1920's Gallery

1929-30 to 1938-39 State Champions

1929-30 Cranston (Interscholastic League)  beat LaSalle (InterscholasticConference)

1930-31 Cranston (Interscholastic League) beat MSC (Interscholastic Conference)  

1931-32 Cranston (Interscholastic League) beat LaSalle (Interscholastic Conference; MSC forfeited title)

1932-33 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

*1933-34 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

*1934-35 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

1935-36 Hope (MSC)

1936-37 Cranston (MSC)

1937-38 Mount Saint Charles (LaSalle)

*1938-39 Mount Saint Charles (MSC)

*New England Champions

*In 1938-39 the Interscholastic League had (2) divisions (First Division and Second Division).  Warwick led the First Division and MSC finished in first place in the Second Division and the League.

**1st place team in regular season/division champion in parenthesis 

1930's Gallery