Blackstone Valley Amateur Hockey League

In 1928-29 the RI Auditorium also housed the Blackstone Valley Amateur Hockey league including the Seekonk Aggies, Pawtucket Independents, Pawtucket Les Canadiens, South Woodlawn, Contrexville Mills and Newport teams.  Stars included Jimmy Hart, Curley Oden and the Mortenson brothers (Eric and Gunner).  Louis A.R. Pieri (Physical Director of Central Falls High School) was president of the league.  The Newport sextet won the state amateur crown by defeating Brown & Sharpe; champions of the Industrial Hockey League, 2-0 and the Valley league title by subduing the South Woodlawn team 3-1.



South Woodlawn

Seekonk Aggies

Pawtucket Les Canadiens

Pawtucket Independents

Contrexville Mills