Rhode Island Amateur Hockey Association

The R.I.A.H.A. formed in the 1931-32 season.  The five team league consisted of the Providence Amateurs, Longmeadow Florists, New Bedford Gar Woods, Pawtucket Independents (Vinnie Campbell) and Esmond clubs.  The New Bedford Gar Woods proved to be a surprise of the 1931 New England Open Amateur Tournament reaching the semi-finals.  Longmeadow, Esmond and Pawtucket clubs also competed in the 1932 NEAAU Championships at the RI Auditorium.  Pawtucket reached the semi-finals falling to the Amesbury Maples 1-0.  Many Providence Amateurs ("Pud" Quirk, Jimmy Allen, Junior Young) were future RI Scarlets in the first years of the all-star team.


Providence Amateurs

Pawtucket Independents

Longmeadow Florists

New Bedford Gar Woods


*Champions N/A